Common Causes of Food Poisoning


Food poisoning is usually caused by different bacteria found in food, water, and crops.

There are many different bacteria unfortunately, that can be lurking in something that you bring home or eat at a restaurant. Let’s take a look at the most common forms of bacteria, which are Salmonella. Listeria, and Campylobacter.

Salmonella is found in the intestines of animals, notably pigs and poultry. Any raw or undercooked animal meat can be contaminated and can spread very quickly and easily in your kitchen through cutlery, dishes, etc. This is why it is very important to wash your food well as well as your hands before handling anything else. Salmonella is also found in dairy including eggs and cheese. Although most people recover easily when affected with Salmonella, some people experience inflammation in their joints and it can be quite uncomfortable. Symptoms of Salmonella poisoning can include anything from mild intestinal discomfort to dehydration and bloody diarrhea .

Campylobacter bacterium is usually ingested through contaminated foods, water and unpasteurized dairy. Symptoms can include vomiting, abdominal pain, cramping and fever. It may take a little bit longer to heal from this bacteria, but the body will adjust.

Although botulism is not that common, it can be contacted mainly through home canning that becomes contaminated.

The best and safest remedy I found for food poisoning is here. As soon as there is a sign of food poisoning, it is best to combine organic apple cider vinegar with water, or mixed in apple sauce (as the taste is very tart) and drink with a few teaspoons of activated charcoal. I really like this site as all the remedies and recipes are from organic and natural ingredients.

As a naturopath, I do get calls from clients asking  what they can do because they think they have food poisoning. When I ask about their symptoms, I realize that their discomforts are coming more from indigestion. Very often (especially as we age), we lack sufficient enzymes to break down food properly. The purpose of digestion is to break down structures (proteins, carbohydrates, and fats) into smaller molecules so that our tiny cells can absorb the nutrients. When we do not chew our food slowly, we fail to produce the enzymes necessary to do this work . Digestion can begin to fail the moment food enters your mouth. The best way to get enzymes into your body is by consuming at least 75% of your food RAW daily. Foods rich in enzymes are pineapples, mango, kiwi, grapes, avocado, and coconut oil. Chewing gum is not a good idea as it fools your body into thinking you are always digesting and you lose precious enzymes.

Food combinations can also contribute to faulty digestion, cramping and bloating that may trick your mind into thinking you have food poisoning. For example, I always recommend that my clients separate their protein and carbohydrates because carbohydrate digestion begins in the mouth, while protein breaks down in the stomach . The sugars coming from the carbs will ferment while waiting for protein (a longer digestive process) to occur. This is because our gastrointestinal tract is hot and humid so the longer food sits there, the more time it has for bacteria to grow. Fruits should usually not be combined with other foods. As a source of simple sugars, it is easily digested. It is instant energy for our cells!

Drinking water while eating can also dilute enzymes. It is best to drink before or after your meals. In conclusion, try your best to up the quantity of raw fruits, and vegetables that you consume daily. If you happen to pick up some bad bacteria, do not panic as your body can and will adjust given the right products. Natural ingredients are always easier for your body to consume, which is why I refer you to the site above. The healthier you are in general, the easier it will be to balance your body !

By Frances Michaelson

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Based in the West Island of Montreal, Frances Michaelson is author of several publications including her upcoming book, Let’s Practice Health: Learn Why Your Gut Is the CEO of Your Health. With over three decades of experience, and a broad knowledge base, Frances is widely recognized as a leader in the health and fitness field. She is the former owner of Muscleup Inc., an exercise product distribution company, which she founded and operated for over 20 years. Frances is a licensed naturopath in Quebec and has been a personal trainer for the past 17 years. She is also an avid health and fitness blogger and a frequent conference presenter.

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