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Traveling is great! You get to meet new people, taste new food, experience a different culture and best of all … you escape from your normal day-to-day life! But for those of us that like to stay fit and healthy, traveling can be challenging when we cannot eat the way we do at home. It’s easy to come back 10 pounds heavier from over indulging on vacation. There are things we can do to stay healthy and avoid this problem. Here are some tips for travelers.

Plan ahead 

Try to book accommodations with a kitchenette so you have the options of preparing food if you feel like it. Eating out three times a day every day can be disastrous. Take off with nutritional food for the flight. Don’t assume there will be healthy options available enroute. Throw a few apples in your bag along with some raw organic crackers or small salad. Take some of your regular food items with you so you can stick with your regular diet as much as you can.

Drink water

Water is key. You must keep drinking when in the air. The decreased oxygen along with sitting for hours cannot only lead to dehydration, but also constipation and headaches. Carry chlorophyll to add to your water.

Water can be very expensive depending on your destination, so pack extra bottles in your suitcase. I know that it adds to the weight but it is worth it, especially if you arrive very late at night and everything is closed.

Check out this blog to find out why is so important to drink water.

Eating well 

Search ahead for healthy restaurants and grocery store where you will be staying. Check out this website for healthy food options.

Ask for a fridge in your room when you book your accommodations. That way you can keep fruit and veggies on hand all the time. Just say you need it for medication, this is not fair from the truth when your food keeps you healthy. As Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine.”

Stay active

Take a break from the gym if you want to, and walk to explore the area. Make sure to bring a good pair of hiking/walking shoes. We often get tight and sore from sitting in the plane, carrying bags or walking too much in the wrong shoes. Consider bringing a foam roller to loosen things up. Rolling our fascia out at the end of the day feels great and prevents injury.

Safe travels!

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