Beat the Clock! Top 10 Tips to ‘Fall Back’ NOT Behind’


When we turn the clock back one hour to remove daylight savings time it triggers nature’s hibernating response. If you decided that when summer is over that you would get serious about healthier habits … and it hasn’t happened yet. The clock is ticking.

Let’s face it … summer simply lends itself to more socializing, more parties, more cocktails and less time in the gym. Fall is the time to hunker down and get back on track. So many people postpone healthier choices for when the kids are back in school, when the cooler weather kicks, next Monday or “after I finish this project.” Then that time comes … and they continue to fall behind.

With shorter days and cooler weather coming, it’s going to be even harder to get motivated. Don’t let turning the clock back this fall make you fall further behind in your health.

Here are my Top 10 Tips to ‘Fall Back’, NOT Behind:

  1. Remove ‘poison foods’ – Refined flour, sugar or gluten reek havoc on your digestive system. Eliminate just one of these for a day, a week, a month and see how you feel. Discover tasty alternatives like cauliflower rice, zucchini paste and less sweet beverages that you can try.
  2. Dump the dairy – That includes yoghurt, cheese AND ice cream. The casein protein molecule in dairy is too large to digest and contributes to that belly bloat!
  3. Drink more water – When the furnace kicks in the humidity in the air can fall dramatically. Especially with forced air heating. Drier air can lead to increased dehydration in our bodies. Compensate by drinking more liquids.
  4. Less IS more – Practice reducing your portion sizes. Eating less will give your digestive system a break and make things run more smoothly.
  5. The gift of time – Set your alarm to get up at least 30 minutes earlier. Give yourself the gift of a few extra minutes to emerge from your sleep. Use this time to meditate or set your intentions for the day. You will be surprised when you see how much this helps your focus, rather just than grabbing a cup of coffee and rushing out the door.
  6. Set priorities, tasks and schedules each day. The biggest and most popular excuse for not creating changes in your life is time. Time management and setting goals helps you to succeed. Set your task list each night for the following day. Include ‘you time’, exercise and meal planning for the next day.
  7. Reduce screen time – Take breaks from your computer during the day. Get up walk around, climb a flight of stairs, do something! Then eliminate screen time before going to sleep. This will help you sleep a lot better.
  8. Change your mindset – Stop thinking that health is too expensive. Not having good health has a heftier price tag. When you feel better, you have the energy to do more and be more productive at work. Which translates into making more money and feeling better. Invest in your self.
  9. Boost your immune system – Fight off the common cold and other aliments that come with dropping temperatures. The micronutrients that come from raw fruits and vegetables will work harder to keep you healthy. Smoothies and fresh vegetable juices are a great way to maintain those nutrients.
  10. Boil up some bone broth – If you yearn for warmer foods like soups and stews, discover the powerful benefits of bone broth as a base. Lightly simmer some beef, chicken or fish bones in water for about 30 minutes. Add some garlic and onions for more flavour. Sip this warm comforting nectar on it’s own or add veggies for a more substantial meal.

If you need a little help to get back on track, schedule your FREE Health Breakthrough TODAY!

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