I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of the words virus, cancer, auto immune, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, depression, intolerances, irritable bowel, celiac, autism, and the list goes on. It never seems to stop! 
I have been running my naturopathy practice for 10 years now and the health of individuals in our country and in the world for that matter is only getting worse. 

What is even more serious is that instead of looking at the ROOT CAUSE of the symptoms of these so called diseases, most people are still choosing the treatment modality. What is more important is the WHY …..why is the body expressing these disturbances? 

As I say in my soon to be published book … Do You Have the Guts to be Healthy? … if medication was medicine, the disease would heal. But medication is not medicine, it’s a drug, a push-back on the underlying causes. These pharmaceutical drugs dull the symptoms of the underlying (most often with horrible side effects legally listed in drug commercials), but do not address the cause of how the body got there in the first place.

Health is very simple . Eat your foods fresh, ripe, raw and unprocessed. Clean your body of all toxins, including chemicals, heavy metals, antibiotics, unnecessary mucus, destructive parasites, and pesticides. In other words, alkalize yourself with your diet.  

Another problem I see is that people spend too much time surfing the net for their health concerns , follow trending diets that ultimately end up making the body more acidic, and waste their money on inorganic supplements that simply add to the toxicity in their bodies.  

A client came to see me the other day and said the following … “I figured it out ….we all either think we know what to do but feel it’s too much work, or we do not want to spend the money seeing someone like you. But what I learnt is that truly, support for our health has no value …..and it works! We all need support!”  

That was music to my ears because it is so true. Health is wealth.     

I am so passionate about encouraging everyone to stop the fear of disease, to understand that what their body created, it can heal . It’s as simple as that.You just need to give it that chance.   

You cut yourself, you bleed, it stops, skin repairs itself. You fall and bruise your knee, your body creates inflammation, you heal.   

I have seen many bodies kick back into action with a good cleanse, the right foods, and lifestyle changes regardless of the disease they were diagnosed with.    

To learn more about how amazing your body is and what it is capable of take a look at my Reboot Program.

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