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Shake it up

As we enter a new season there is no better time to treat your body differently .With that said, many of my clients are expressing their need for some dietary adjustments or some sort of reboot. They feel that some bad habits seem to somehow creep back in, perhaps a bit of laziness as well , combined with not making the best choices when it comes to their nutrition. They just want to feel better! How about you? This is the perfect time to wake up and shake things up. With everything changing on the outside why not switch things up on the inside?
 “Personally, I decided to shake things up 6 weeks ago. I thought it would be the perfect time to give up all forms of sugar,alcohol,and cooked food, and really focus on cleansing my liver. I supported my organs and glands with plenty of organic herbs to nourish and feed my cells, along with vegetable and fruit juices. I am not saying this is for you, but I was ready. I never felt better!”

We all know that a dramatic cleanse can often cause adverse reactions including diarrhea, allergies, and stomach cramps. Besides, these type of cleanses are never sustainable. It’s a much better idea to make gradual changes that lead to a more permanent healthy lifestyle with the support of a licensed naturopath. 

Most people have not been eating optimally for years. This causes the intestines to become compromised, weakening our ability to digest and properly absorb nutrients. My mission is to help people make permanent healthier choices so they can live a longer, happier life.

For those of you that are ready to kick start some dietary changes, and would like the support to make sure this happens, I am starting a 4-week Shake Up & Wake Up Program on Sept 21st . It is your opportunity to work with me and a group to have fun, stay engaged and committed. Support is the key word here. We all know that alone is lonely and boring, right?

My goal is to help you create better habits that turn into easy lifestyle and dietary changes. The time is now!

Here is what you will get in this 4-week Shake Up & Wake Up Program:

Weekly Zoom meet-ups
, Mondays at 7:15pm for 45 minutesT”

A FREE E COPY of my book Let,s Practice Health ….learn why your Gut is the CEO of your Health

Live the Wow Cleansing package of herbs
– guaranteed to improve digestion and elimination, less bloating and better absorption of nutrients

Energy and Recovery bits

Access to private Facebook group

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