Alkalizing Tea


A unique blend of organic and wildcrafted herbs designed to bring back homeostasis . Helps to feed the good bacteria in your gut


Marshmallow Root , Burdock Root , Calendula Flower, Black walnut hulls , Plantain Leaf , White  Willow Bark , Goldenrod Leaf , Comfrey Leaf , Valerian Root , Peppermint 

Racine de guimauve , racine de bardane, fleur de calendula , coques de noyer noir, feuille de plantain, écorce de saule blanc, feuille de verge d,or , feuille de consoude, racine de valériane, menthe poivree


Bring 1 cup of the herbs to a boil in 4 cups of water and let steep for 7 minutes


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