Premium Healthy Coffee – Vitality Blend, Made with Organic Reishi Mushrooms Single Serve Packets


The biggest difference between Dodjivi’s Premium Healthy Coffee made with Organic Reishi Mushrooms and a regular coffee are all the health benefits you will reap! Some of the not so fun side effects of drinking regular coffee are experiencing crash, rush, jitteriness, headaches… Yaka-Yaka! Who would want that? The Dodjivi Premium Healthy Coffee made with Organic Reishi Mushrooms blend is an adaptogen and a healthy coffee alternative. The coffee alternative helps you promote energy, stress relief, focus, productivity, immunity boosting so you may feel at your best and meet the busy demands of your daily routine! Another difference is you don’t need a machine to make your Dodjivi Premium Healthy Coffee, it’s tasty and dissolves instantly. Just add boiling hot water to your Organic Reishi Mushroom Coffee and you can say goodbye to your caffeine crash, rush, jitteriness and say hello to your daily dose of health and wellbeing!

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Start your morning off on a great note- say goodbye to jitters and say welcome to vibrant wellness with our single-serve Organic Reishi Mushroom Coffee Packets! All the bold flavor you love from your daily cup of coffee with added benefits in a balanced brew!

Make the Perfect cup

Add 1 packet of Dodjivi’s Organic Reishi Mushroom Coffee into your favourite mug ( Box of 30 single servings )

Add boiling water

Give it a good stir

Take a sip and Wippa!


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