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For those of you that are ready to kick-start some dietary and lifestyle changes, and would like the support to make sure this happens, I am starting a 4-week Shake Up & Wake Up Program on Monday, May 1st  2023. It’s your opportunity to work with me and a group to have fun, stay engaged and committed. Support is the key word here. We all know that alone is lonely and boring, right?

My goal is to help you create better habits that turn into easy lifestyle and dietary changes. The time is now!



Here is what you will get in this 4-week Shake Up & Wake Up Program:

    • Weekly Zoom meet-ups, Mondays at 7:30pm for one hour. A different topic relating to gut/digestive health will be taught through power point presentation each week to help provide clarity to how your body works.
    • Each week a different challenge will be presented to support manageable changes and habits.
    • Free printed  copy of  my book Do You Have the Guts To Be Healthy ?
    • A detailed list of what should and should not be in your kitchen.
    • Live the Wow exclusive recipes.
    • Experience a new level of vitality.
    • Gain clarity of mind.
    • Give up limiting and destructive habits.
    • Release old deposits of toxins
    • Learn how to choose supplements


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