Think It Program


Detailed health assessment*

Blood work review

Initial consultation 70-minute **

Follow-up call 30-minute

An individualized nutrition and lifestyle program tailored to your needs and goals. 

Insurance receipts provide.

  • Detailed health assessment*
  • Before starting our work together I email a detailed Intake Form to open our file . This consists of a series of questions relating to your history and present lifestyle habits. This allows me to begin working on your plan and saves time when we meet .

  • Blood work review
  • I am often told that clients do not get their blood work explained by their doctor . This does not make any sense . I am happy to review and explain what ranges mean and answer all questions

  • Initial consultation
  • During our time together I explain how the body works focusing very much on gut health and digestion
  • The plan that I suggest is emailed so that all instructions are clear

  • Follow-up Appointment
  • We see each other again either in person or through zoom to review the plan and any questions that arise
  • An email is sent with clear instructions


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