WOW 1 – Working off Waste


W.O.W 1 are herbs that are traditionally used to absorb toxins in the large intestine.These herbs help to increase volume and hydration of stools improving your overall elimination and inflammation .

It is important to always use the husk of the psyllium, not just psyllium as the husk is 95 % pure . We add the other herbs to this formula to protect the inner bowel wall from inflammation . Hibiscus is anti-inflammatory and helps the liver detoxify . Apple fiber aids digestion. Slippery Elm is anti-inflammatory .Fenugreek reduces blood sugar and bloating . It also contributes to weight loss and the lowering of cholesterol. Sunroot is a form of inulin

This product is recommended for 14 years and older, however  a smaller dose is perfectly safe for younger children . One teaspoon twice daily in a 10 oz glass of pure water with 2 tbl organic apple juice  ( optional ) ,or  with the advice of your healthcare practitioner. It is recommended to combine these herbs with aloe and chlorophyll


Psyllium Husk

Hibiscus Flower

Slippery elm bark

Sunroot ( contains inulin which improves intestinal microflora )

Apple fiber

Fenugreek seed

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