WOW 2 – Working of Waste





Wow 2 contains herbs that have beneficial effects on the digestive tract .This formula helps to restore the lining of the intestine , tone the colon, and regulate bowel movements . Bile production is promoted, and excess mucus in the body is released. These herbs are known to increase peristalsis encouraging the bowels to release toxic waste without too much effort needed.

500 mg / 128 capsules

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Aged Cascara sagrada… these bitters help to produce more bile , needed to stimulate bowel movements

Aloe Vera Leaf…….has a laxative effect and protects the bowel wall from inflammation

Buckthorn bark…. eases stomach cramps and intestinal problems and eases hemorrhoids

Slippery Elm Bark

Gentian root …aids digestion and increases enzyme activity

Fennel seed…reduces bloating and is a great source of fibre

Ginger root…anti-inflammatory

Cayenne….anti inflammatory and increases peristalsis



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