Wow Ease


Take one – two capsules with wow 1 every morning and evening or as otherwise directed by your health practitioner

Ingredients include Cape Aloe , Buckthorn Bark ,Oregon Grape root , Anise seed, Ginger root , Rhubarb root , Peppermint , chamomile

This product is designed for those people who may suffer with inflammation caused by weak elimination over the years . Inconsistent bowel movements combined with poor stool volume is usually caused by weak digestion coming from the wrong food combinations or simply a lack of fibre in the diet .  The combination of herbs  in our wow 2 plus are very calming to the intestines . They are anti bacterial and anti fungal and add a soothing response for your body in its effort to eliminate. If you have been diagnosed with IBS , Crohns, colitis , or any other inflammatory bowel issue this would be the product for you.


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