Feel It Program


An individualized nutrition and lifestyle program tailored to your needs and goals.

Insurance receipts provide.

Detailed health assessment*

Blood work review

Initial consultation 70-minute **

11 follow up sessions 45-minutes each

24/7 email support

Book “Do You Have the Guts to be Healthy?”

Journal “Love Your Wow “

An individualized nutrition and lifestyle program tailored to your needs and goals. 

Each person is unique and therefore I feel that it is absolutely necessary to have a detailed health assessment completed prior to beginning a program . This intake form is emailed out prior to starting the Feel It program.

Insurance receipts provided.

  • Detailed health assessment*
  • Before starting our work together I email a detailed Intake Form to open our file. This consists of a series of questions relating to your history and present lifestyle habits. This allows me to begin working on your plan and saves time when we meet.
  • This assessment covers all areas of your lifestyle. This means we look at your dietary habits, which takes into consideration all areas of digestion, absorption , and elimination. We look at sleep, energy expenditure, supplementation and other medications perhaps prescribed  over the years and how this affects the body over time. Household cleaning and self care products also can affect the way we feel and have huge hormonal impacts.

  • Blood work review
  • I do not draw blood but I review the blood work you may have done with your family doctor. The reason for this is so that you can gain an understanding of what it reads and how it may or may not affect your health.

  • Initial consultation 70 mins
  • Our initial consultation is quite extensive as I offer a complete explanation of how our bodies work. This usually explains why one is experiencing different symptoms. Dealing with the CAUSE  of all expressions of disease is a huge part of the healing process.
  •  I explain how the body works focusing very much on gut health and digestion.
  • The client will receive via email a detailed plan with all the health instructions and protocols so that everything is clear.

  • Follow-up Sessions 45 mins each
  • Support goes a long way. If you are experiencing digestive /gut issues or any health diagnosis, this 12 week program providing you with the necessary support is a true road to success.
  • Appointments are in person or through zoom to review any questions that arise, how you feel, progress being made and the plan
  • After each appointment the client will receive an updated and next steps plan with clear instructions

  • 2 Follow-up appointments
  • 12 one-on-one sessions total
  • Love your WOW journal
  • 24/7 email support
  • Ongoing support so that we support any changes you may be feeling or experiencing is of utmost importance.


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