A plant based superfood blend designed to support immune health , mental focus, mood, energy and motivation.

Organic ingredients include Barley Grass, Chlorella, Maca Root,Moringa Leaf,Spirulina,Wheat Grass, Dulse,Fennel Seed,Mojave Yucca Root,Parsley Leaf, Peppermint

I call Replenish your all in one multi vitamin/mineral complex . This beautiful blend of herbs , grasses, and algae, alkalize, mineralize, and feed the whole body at the glandular level.

Barley and wheat grass are amazing lymph cleansers. The chlorella binds itself to heavy metals , while spirulina offers a high quality of amino acids. Moringa is a great source of vitamin c , dulse is rich in iodine, yucca is extremely anti inflammatory and helps to rejuvenate the liver . Parsley is your rich source of calcium and sodium while fennel and peppermint helps digestion


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