Believe it or not … Naturopathy works!


Even with all the research, some people just don’t want to believe in things like climate change or naturopathy. Here is some of the research on the effectiveness of Naturopathy if you are interested.

Does the Medical Community Believe?

Last week was the first time I spoke to a group of doctors and nurses about Naturopathy. I was nervous about how my topic would be received. Why? Sadly, there is still a gaping void between the traditional medical community and alternative health practitioners.

There is one predominant  voice here in Montreal that relentlessly negates and condemns the work of all Naturopaths and Homeopaths. This individual is well known in the media and seems to have a lot of influence over people’s decisions. We all have a right to our opinions, but to continually ridicule alternative health care practitioners as he does and undermine the great work they do like is like bullying and borders on slander.

What’s even more frustrating is that he has no clue what we do and has no interest in educating himself on the topic. His radical claims denouncing alternative healthcare practices are extreme and misleading. He offers intelligent advice when it comes to trending supplements , given his chemistry background,  but does NOT know what he’s talking about when it comes to holistic healthcare to prevent disease. So many people that listen to his derogatory statements are being turned off of opportunities to take control of they own health before or after a medical intervention.

It’s NOT Either/Or … It’s Both/And.

I’m not suggesting alternative healthcare can replace the medical community. When you have advanced diseases or are in a crisis, by all means go to the doctor, get emergency help and follow informed medical advice. They are trained and equipped to deal with the symptoms through medications, radiations or surgery.

But treating the symptoms does not always address the real problem. The cause of the problem may still exist, resulting in ongoing medical interventions. Even if a patient does not feel the effects of the disease when he is on medication, he will ultimately feel the effects elsewhere in the body.

As a naturopath, my job is to treat the WHY?, the cause of the disease, with lifestyle changes including food, movement ,and herbal supplementation. Naturopathy is the science of nature as it applies to the human body. It has been practiced for hundreds of years by thousands of people around the world. It’s not some voodoo quackery as these naysayers imply.

It’s time to bridge the gap between the medical and alternative health care industries. As a community with a common goal to help people live longer and happier lives, we must all work together.

You can take the first step by choosing fresh, organic produce and eat them raw more often. Reduce the refined flour, sugar and package goods that you eat. Especially over the holidays. Learn more about juicing as a new regime to help keep your body clean. Remember the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Imagine what a healthy glass of fresh squeezed juice will do for you.

Are you tired of the endless doctor appointments that result in more medications and less relief? Take control of your health. Book your FREE Health Breakthrough session TODAY! Let’s work together to find the cause and work on the right solution.

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